Photographer, Videographer, Writer

Yirka is a self taught photographer born Peru in 1991. Growing up in an quechua speaking environment she started traveling to the highlands of Peru since a very early age, and eventually moved to Cusco where she had her first encounters with photography and her quechua identity. After finishing high school she started studies of Communications and Sociology in San Marcos and Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Lima.
In 2014, she paused her studies and with a camera on hand she started traveling south america and Cuba; an attempt to witness latin america's reality with her eyes and through her lenses.
In this period she alternated her travels, working as an interpreter and Tec. assistant in humanitarian spine surgery campaigns in Peru. And in the coordination of humanitarian expeditions in Peru. Her coverage of the Mining reality in Peru made her first award possible and the chance of improving her tools of work.
Hitchhiker, quechua descendant, polyglot and dancer. Roldan’s photographic journey has focused on the subject of identity, bringing the attention to the richness cultural variety as a way of fighting discrimination and marginalization of indigenous peoples. As well as turning her lens to the sceneries of social inequality, such as the exploration work in illegal mining.